Christmas tree decorating traditions you may want to try out!

Christmas tree decorating traditions you may want to try out!

Decorating a tree is a tradition most families practice when celebrating Christmas, but every family does this tradition a little differently. It's what makes each family's celebration special. Are you looking to add to your family traditions this holiday season? Here are three fun Christmas tree decorating traditions you may want to try out!

Hiding the pickle 

Although each family may do it differently, Country Living describes it as one family member secretly hanging an ornament shaped like a pickle on the tree the night before Christmas. The first family member to find the pickle on Christmas morning wins a special gift, treat, or surprise! This tradition that some speculate originated from Germany is a fun one for the family to enjoy.

Everyone gets a new ornament each year. 

This is one of those traditions that can be done in many ways. Country Living suggests these ornaments could represent a milestone in each family member's life. For example, if someone in your family recently got into a new sport over the past year, you can get something that represents that! Our selection contains a wide variety of sports-themed ornaments, from basketball to fishing to golf! Another example could be a new pet! Tree Buddees offers one of the best ornaments for new cat owners poking fun at a cat's tendency to knock down the Christmas tree.

Ugly ornament exchange 

Similar to a gag gift, the Ugly ornament exchange is something for the family's adults to get a laugh out of. Some of our most popular ornaments for gag gift exchanges include our naked Santa ornament and our mooning Santa ornament! The goal of this tradition is that everyone involved gets a good laugh out of it. The Weekend Housewife suggests that ornaments only be purchased during the current Christmas season to avoid stockpiling ugly Christmas ornaments, taking the fun out of this tradition. 

Whether it's hiding a pickle ornament, personalized decorations, or ugly ornaments, traditions are what make the holiday season that much more special. Which of these traditions do you think you and your family will try out this year? 


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