A brief history of Christmas Tree Toppers

A brief history of Christmas Tree Toppers

That familiar festive feeling is in the air, which means the holidays are right around the corner! Families worldwide will be waking on Christmas Day to presents and half-eaten cookies in just a few short weeks. And since Christmastime is nearing closer, it’s about time we start making fresh baked goods, watching snow fall with cocoa in hand, dancing to classic holiday tunes, and putting up merry decorations.


Of course, when we think of Christmas, we think of a big, beautiful, full Christmas tree laden with tinsel and ornaments. The tree is the centerpiece of Christmas home décor. Yet it would feel incomplete without the most important addition: a tree-topper.

The Origins of Tree-Toppers

A tree-topper is that large ornament placed on the very top of a Christmas tree. Though no one knows precisely where they originated, their first recorded use was in Germany in the early 1600s, when baby Jesus tree-toppers capped household trees littered with gold-covered apples and gingerbread.


As time passed, angel toppers became popular in England during the 17th century, when Europeans began creating bigger glass angel ornaments. Early on, star toppers gained popularity as well. They represent the Star of Bethlehem, and people continue to purchase stars of all shapes and sizes to crown their trees today. Hundreds of years after they first crowned Christmas trees, stars are now the most popular tree-topper. 

Today’s Tree-Toppers

Hundreds of years later, tree-toppers are still used in most Christmas-celebrating households. However, choices for these large decorative ornaments have now expanded far beyond stars and angels!


Though many traditional ornate toppers still exist, many people opt for more unique toppers today. From pop culture-inspired figurines to quirky statuettes, these toppers can range from unique to straight-up funny! Toppers have certainly come a long way. Nowadays, people who enjoy a non-traditional Christmas tree can still crown it with something personal to them.


Whether you prefer a star or King Kong at the top of your tree, have a merry Christmas! And if you’re looking for a unique final touch to your decorated space, take a look at our funny toppers.

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