Have You Heard of the Halloween Tree Trend?

Have You Heard of the Halloween Tree Trend?

Halloween trees are a relatively new trend, but a fun one! Although Halloween decorations are traditionally done outside your home, these spooky trees will bring the Halloween spirit inside this year!

Where did Halloween Trees come from?

The origin of the Halloween tree is relatively unknown, but there are some speculations about its beginning. According to the article History & Heritage: The Legend of the Halloween Tree, the inspiration for decorating a tree for Halloween may have come from how Disney World decorates the big oak tree in Frontierland every year around Halloween. The idea to decorate this tree with glowing orange lights and hand-painted jack-o’-lanterns was inspired by Ray Bradbury’s 1972 fantasy novel The Halloween Tree. Bradbury was reportedly a lifelong Disney fan, and after meeting with Walt Disney in 1964, he helped develop several attractions at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World. Others speculate it began as an Instagram trend taking flight around 2016, according to The Latest Holiday Trend: Halloween Christmas Trees. While we don’t know precisely where Halloween-inspired Christmas trees originated from, we are sure happy they came to be!

What kind of Halloween tree should I get?

There are so many different Halloween trees to choose from today! Sizes can range anywhere from 7ft to 3ft tall and come in many different shapes and sizes! You will see many solid color trees such as black, white, purple, or orange filled with creepy decorations. You will also see more unique trees, such as our 3ft and 4ft candy corn colored Halloween trees!

This elaborate Halloween setup utilizes our 4ft Candy Corn Halloween Tree. This creator used the candy corn tree to add to the “carnival candy corn forest” idea she had in mind when creating this beautiful vignette! Check out the creator of this post on Instagram @leatherandjade 

How should I decorate my Halloween tree? 

Decorating your Halloween tree should be like decorating a Christmas tree, except spooky! You can choose to go with a theme for your tree like the blogger Spooky Little Halloween did with her Beetlejuice-inspired & Frankenstein-inspired Halloween trees! If themes aren’t your thing, you can find tons of unique and spooky ornaments right here on our website. 

So what do you think? Will you be hopping on this trend this Halloween season???