Let it Snow {Somewhere Else} Funny Winter Ornament Glass Bulb

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Let it Snow {Somewhere Else} Funny Winter Ornament Glass Bulb

Tree Buddees

SKU: TB: Let it Snow - 3990

This hilarious glass Christmas tree ornament is the perfect gift for people who don't like snow.
  • This is made of hard to break Glass, it will take a lot more than just falling off the Christmas Tree to break this Ornament!
  • This Ornament is 3" around - The perfect size for any Christmas Tree.
  • Christmas ornaments don't get much funnier than this one! Comes New in Unopened collectors retail Box that can be used for storage.
  • A portion of Tree Buddees annual sales gets donated to charity. Help Support Us, Help Us Support Others (TM)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

For your loved ones who hate being cold and who especially hate frozen precipitation.

Hilarious addition to our family tree

My husband loves the snow. My dad recently bought a house in New Hampshire and has shown us several pictures of snowstorms. This makes my husband so happy and he has been bugging me to go for months. I'm the complete opposite. I can't stand the white, cold, wet stuff. I want to stay as far away from it as possible. I live in the desert for a reason. I'm far more interested in hot than cold. This ornament is absolutely perfect for me. I've actually said this several times. My children chuckle every time that they see the ornament in the garage now because they know how much I want it to snow some where far away from me.

Nidya Held
Beautiful Christmas ornament

Beautifully made, gift for a friend that has a great sense of humor. He loved it