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Damaged Delivery Package Christmas Ornaments

Tree Buddees

SKU: TB: Damaged Package - 3938

This ornament is sure to hit home with a lot of Christmas shoppers. Too often during the holiday season you receive a package that looks like it was thrown down a flight of stairs. This Fragile box has the stickers all over it and the this side up arrows. You can also see the shipping label and packaging tape.
  • Made of: Hand-painted quality resin. We use resin instead of blown glass to add durability to the ornament. Each ornament is hand painted to make sure every detail and color is applied properly.
  • Size: This damaged delivery ornament is 1.5 x 1.5 inches - The ornament is a little small but this is due to the weight.
  • Packaging: Comes new in unopened collectors retail box. Making him the perfect white elephant gift!
  • Tree Buddees, Add some humor to your holidays!

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