Kissing Claus' Cute Magnetic Set of 2 Kiss Christmas Ornaments

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Kissing Claus' Cute Magnetic Set of 2 Kiss Christmas Ornaments
Kissing Claus' Cute Magnetic Set of 2 Kiss Christmas Ornaments

Tree Buddees

SKU: TB: Kissing Claus' - 5932

No mistletoe needed here. These cute ornaments hang on the tree individually but come together at the lips while hanging. Both Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus have magnets in their mouths. Making them kiss each other! This is the cutest ornament set around!
  • Made of: Hand-painted quality resin. We use resin instead of blown glass to add durability to the ornament. Each ornament is hand painted to make sure every detail and color is applied properly.
  • Size: This unique set of two ornaments are 3" x 2" each - Making it a great size for any xmas Tree wedding gift.
  • Packaging: Comes new in unopened collectors retail box. Making this the perfect gift for your lover!
  • Tree Buddees, Add some humor to your holidays with Christmas ornaments couples, Mr and Mrs Claus!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
zachary gutzler
Not worth the money

It was delivered broken and looked very cheap

elizabeth fenerty

These are the cutest!Magnets do actually work for the “kissing Claus’” ❤️Super cute, definitely recommend if you’re searching for something sentimental to send to a long distance partner during the holidays.Bought the pair while I was on deployment and had my mom separate them and send them off to myself and my boyfriend while I was gone (Hence the pictures of them on two different trees lol).

Lactivist Anti-Vaccine Socialist Hippie
Meh.............the Magnets Don't Seem to Keep Santa & Mrs. Claus In the Kissing Position AT ALL! ☹️

I got this Tree Buddees Cute Magnetic Kissing Claus Christmas Ornaments when I saw it on the VINE products page. Even though I technically didn’t/don’t “NEED” this ornament set (I probably already have more Christmas ornaments than can reasonably fit [without having ornaments on EVERY SINGLE branch!] on my 7.5 foot tree) but it looked so cute in the picture, I couldn’t resist getting it. I thought Santa & Mrs. Claus’s kiss was adorable and especially given that these 2 separate ornaments are held together by magnets, I really wanted to get it.Unfortunately, after I got this ornament set, I was very disappointed. Because as soon as I opened the box and removed the inner tray from the box, the ornaments fell out separated, and no matter how I try to position them, I can NOT get them to stay together in the kissing position. Now I don’t know if I just happened to get a defective one, but the magnets do NOT seem to work AT ALL!Not only that, but both ornaments are chipped on their noses and mouths, which adds to my suspicion that I might have gotten a defective/used one That is why I can NOT give these ornaments any higher rating than 3 stars. Its a shame because this ornament set is INCREDIBLY cute, and before I got it, I was all set to give it a 5 star rating if it lived up to my expectations and the other reviews I’d read about it, up to the point I got it. But it didn’t and if it weren’t for the ornaments being as cute as they are, I might have even given it a lower rating. But they ARE as adorable as they look in the pictures (the chipped paint on the noses and mouths nothwithstanding!) and that DOES buy it some points, especially since if I hang each ornament on branches right next to each other, maybe I can still make it look like they are kissing, even if the magnets don’t work.Having said that, I can neither recommend, nor discourage getting these ornaments. If you are lucky, like the other reviewers and get ornaments which are NOT chipped and have magnets that work, then yes, I think this is a GREAT item. Whereas if you get a defective, chipped one like I did, I’d exchange it for a new one. But because I got these ornaments for free through VINE in exchange for an unbiased and honest review, I don’t think I can exchange it for another one. But its not that big a deal since did NOT “buy” the ornaments and regardless of the chips and malfunctioning magnets, they are still ADORABLE and usable as Christmas ornaments!⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3 STARS!!!!!!!!!!

Very cute

I love these ornaments. They are nicely detailed and very cute. The magnet does a great job holding them in a kissing position. They seem pretty sturdy but potentially breakable if they were to be dropped, so I will plan to hang them out of range of kids and pets. They are really nice and I can’t wait to display them on the tree next Christmas.

Amy Henley
Did someone say mistletoe?

I love Christmas and collect ornaments. Every year, I buy one with the year on it and one that catches my interest. This set is really cute. These ornaments hang on the tree individually but can come together at the lips while hanging so they look like they are kissing. What makes this set unique is that both Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus have magnets in their mouths to help them stay together while hanging on the tree. These ornaments are made of hand-painted quality resin. The resin adds durability to the ornament. Each ornament is hand painted to make sure every detail and color is applied properly. I am pleased that there are no painting mistakes on the ornaments. They look like the picture on the webpage.