Mjölnir Thor's Hammer Christmas Ornament Decoration

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Mjölnir Thor's Hammer Christmas Ornament Decoration

Tree Buddees

SKU: TB: Thors Hammer - 4034

Superhero Thor, the Asgardian god of thunder and lighting's famous Hammer has come to life in this detailed Christmas ornament.


  • Made of: Hand-painted quality resin. We use resin instead of blown glass to add durability to the ornament. Each ornament is hand painted to make sure every detail and color is applied properly.
  • Size: This Thor ornament is 3.0 x 1.75" - the perfect size for any Christmas Tree.
  • Packaging: Comes new in unopened collectors retail box. Making it the perfect gift for the Thor superhero fan you know!
  • Tree Buddees, Add some humor to your holidays!

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
As expected

just as described ... ...

Great for more than just an Xmas gift

This is amazing detail and an amazing gift idea for anyone who’s into Thor or Norse paganism. Can be used an an ornament for your Xmas tree, a Yule gift, an alter gift to Thor, or the perfect gift to yourself to hang anywhere.

Looks amazing

Love this and worth the money


Definitely not how much it’s worth, they sell nicer ornaments at target for cheaper. It’s a decent size for an ornament, around the same for target ones. The quality is okay, it’s not completely light it has a tad bit of weight but not really. The appearance is okay there could be more details on it, if it has more details or weight then it would be worth the price. I also don’t like how the logo is printed in large letters on the back. I would buy again or from this brand but I’ll keep since it’s supposed to be a gift. It’s decent but not worth 14 bucks.

Overall Great

This was a great gift for an ornament exchange!